Syria: Parliamentary election boycott

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Civilians from Daraa province in southern Syria and Qamishli in the north expressed their dislike for the parliamentary elections conducted by the Syrian regime and they also expressed their rejection of the elections and boycotted it and they showed the illegitimacy of these elections, arguing that the Syrian regime is in control of these elections in all areas, and considered it not a representation of all the Syrian people and they confirmed that the elections do not meet the requirements of the Syrian people.

Syrian street recently filled with banners and slogans of candidates for the parliamentary elections conducted by the regime in all areas they control, but the citizens in Syria do not care about this election, but they considered a feasible solution to the Syrian crisis and assured citizens to boycott these elections and not participate in them.

Polling stations in almost empty in Al-Hasaka and is experiencing a very simple demand of those who came to perform their voting rights, and citizens expressed that they will not participate in these elections due to their lack of hope that it will be a step to change.

The transition from northern Syria to the south in the in Daraa province, the scene was not much different, but for different reasons for rejecting these election considering the candidates as another face of the current Syrian regime and they considered the areas where elections are held doesn’t represent all the Syrian people



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