Syria: Popular rejection of the elections in the Kurdish region

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The citizens of Kurdish areas in northern Syria expressed their refusal to take part in the Syrian parliamentary elections scheduled to be held today on the grounds that these elections do not represent them after the adoption of the federal system in the areas of self-administration





After conflicting waves between rejection and support to participate in the parliamentary elections in the provinces of northern Syria under the control of self-administration units to protect the people which announced its Federalism, citizens decided to end the scene by not participating in parliamentary elections today.
Citizens believe that these parliamentary elections provided by the Syrian regime, which does not represent the people of Hasaka and the provinces of the new federal system, which was approved by the provinces of the north recently.
Citizens consider the lack of candidates for the parliament of the self adminiatration regions to represent the Syrians is the refusal of this election, which does not mean anything to the self administration regions.
It is noted that this election is the second in Syria since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria in 2011, in which the Baath Party won the vast majority.



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