Iraq: Iraqi artists defy terrorism through their paintings

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Artists of Iraq are residing a joint art gallery between Arabs and Kurds brought together more than 100 diverse paintings that reflect the reality in Iraq, to send a message to the world that Iraq, the country that is known for its fine arts and cultures can not lag behind and will keep up with the fine arts.

While the politicians in Iraq are different from others and tend to divide it, artist were gathering to unite the lines and disarm differances through a painting gallery, which collected the achievements and works of Arab ands Kurds artists from different places of Iraq, including Kurdistan Regional Fair. Where Iraqi artists worked on the establishment of an art gallery in Erbil gathered more than one hundred paintings which mimic the reality of iraq through its dysfunctional colors, and with the participation of artists from all over Iraq to deliver a message to the world that all Iraqis are one against terrorism.

Participant believe that the gallery serves as an eloquent response to anyone who tries to offend the components of Iraq or wants to spread hatred and extremism.

The paintings embodied the coexistence among all Iraqi citizens regardless of their religions and ethnicity.

The gallery also tells the suffering of many of the displaced people who were driven from their homes because of terrorism and extremism, and all they have got is a painting brush to share paintings they achieved during their displacement trip using the most basic drawing tools.

The gallery embodied the reality of Iraq in the spirit of hope and a bright tomorrow, it also sent a message that Iraq is known for its fine arts and can not lag behind and will keep up with the fine arts.



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