Iraq: New Technocrat government

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The new amendment to the Iraqi Government of Al-Abadi met a widespread opposition on the list of candidates names for the new technocracy government, which have been modified based on popular demand for change and eliminate corruption through sit-ins led by Al-Sadr stream during the last month.

At the time Iraqi protesters ended their sit-in in Baghdad after the decision issued by the Government of Haider Al-Abadi, the Iraqi Prime Minister to make a ministerial amendment to satisfy the demands of the protesters in front of the Green-Zone, the amendment came carrying names that are considered unsatisfying for those demanding to eliminate corruption.
Al-Abadi in his turn gave the parliament ten days to approve the new government, while tge representatives believe that the ministrial modification came with names that should appear in the technocratic government and deserves to be given a chance but there is a lot of names that should be replaced off the list to form a technocratic government that satisfies the public demands. As for the citizens, they find this unsatisfying amendment as an invitation to continue their sit-in in the streets and to escalate the refusal of the Government of Al-Abadi, which could be up to a state of civil disobedience.
Iraq have witnessed during the last month a wave of sit-ins and protests in front of the Green-zone, led by Al-Sadr stream and lasted about two weeks demanding to eliminate the corruption and corrupts.


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