Yemen: The impact of physical disabilities on Taiz children

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Some children in Taiz, southern Yemen, are suffering from physical disabilities that have a large psychological impact on them, because of the sprawling war between the Popular Resistance on one side and the Houthi militiason the other.

The recent sprawling series of battles in Taiz, south of Yemen, have deprived young children from exercising their lives normally. Rahaf, is a nine year old child who suffers from losing her skull bones after being infected with one of the bullets when she went out to the grocery store to buy what rejoice her heart, and now, she needs a cultivate bone operation to prevent a permanent disability.

It is worth to mention that Taiz is witnessing at the moment a war between the popular resistance on one side and the Houthi militias on the other, this war has caused to rob the children their childhood by creating physical defects that psychologically affect children for life.



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