Iraq: Al-Rasheed theatre opening in Baghdad

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The Cinema and Theatre Department of the Ministry of Culture celebrates World Theatre Day on sunday, the 27th of March morning, by reopening Al-Rasheed theatre after being severly damaged in 2003.


Coinciding with the celebrations of World Theatre Day the cinema and theatre department of the Ministry of Culture has opened Al-Rasheed theatre in the presence of Deputy Minister of Culture and with the participation of a wide range of artists, including those who initiated the restoration of the theatre by their personal efforts in order to bring life back to it as an irreplaceable symbol of art.

Al-Rasheed theatre witnessed elegant theatrical plays in the nineties and the late eighties of the last century, And there it is, being revived by the official celebration on the stage of the National Theatre, which will see performances of the play Selfon, written and directed by Muhammed Moayed, followed by a speech on World Theatre Day by the Russian director Anatoly Vasiliev.

The artistic creativity of Iraqi artists comes this time by getting out of their isolation to lay down their creative duty in the maintenance and restoration of Al-Rasheed theatre, and reminding the audience of the importance of this place, which is a significant cultural monument in Baghdad.



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