Syria: Syrian public opinions regarding Federalism

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Syrians had conflicting opinions about kurds decision on federalism considering the Syrian people as one in spite of the support of others for the federal decision that the Kurds declared that would lead to the division of the country eventually




There are conflicting views of the Syrians about the Kurds declaration of a federal system in their areas in the northeast of Syria, arguing that they are one people, and it will lead to the division of the country it is prejudice to the sovereignty of the state. Others argue that the federal system is the best to resolve the Syrian crisis as it is already divided since five years, and politicians see that Russia’s role was not to resolve the unrest in Syria, whether against ISIS or opposition, but to divide Syria into federations.
Syrian citizens expressed in the poll their consensus to support the decision of withdrawal of Russian troops in Syria, particularly since Russia withdrawal has no effect on the regime and the opposition and ISIS organization in the field.



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