Emirates air force plane wreckage

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Coalition forces command to restore legitimacy in Yemen announced the death of two pilots of the UAE Air Force today (Monday 14/3/2016) at dawn after their plane of type “Mirage” crashed in Aden in southern Yemen as a result of technical failure caused the plane to crash into one of the mountains between Brega and Saladin.

Yemen local government found the remains of a UAE air force plane which is participating in the Arab coalition air strikes against Alhouthi militias after it crashed in Brega mountain region in the northern side of Aden after hitting one of the mountains between Brega and Saladin.

The Emirates air forces announced on Monday (14/3/2016) that one of its fighters participating in the coalition strikes led by Saudi Arabia to support the Yemeni government is missing and they lost connection with it until the truth of its crash due to technical problems was revealed.

The United Arab Emirates suffered heavy losses since the operations in Yemen began where a dozen of their soldiers were killed along with 50 others that were killed by a ground-ground missile launched by Alhouthi militia on Ma’areb in East Sana’a.



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