Syria: Alqamishli uprising anniversary.

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The Kurds are celebrating the anniversary of Alqamishli uprising in the 12th of March of 2004 against the Syrian regime where a dozen a people were lose and the Kurds said that they will continue until a pluralism democracy is achieved.



Alqamishli in Northeast Syria is of a Kurdish majority is witnessing celebrations of Alqamishli uprising of March 12 2004 against the Syria regime when dozens of Kurds died and more than 2000 were arrested.

The celebration of the uprising celebration is happening with the Kurds victories against the Syrian regime and the terrorists as the liberated many regions from ISIS and the Kurdish confirmed in this anniversary they will continue their battle against violence and terrorism and they will not stop until they eliminate it from all Syria so they can live safely in peace along with all Syrian people from all parts if the country



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