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Yemen – Al-Qaeda loses control in southern Yemen

Abyan Province-Yemen 04-03-2017 Although al-Qaida was able to target the Security Forces camp of the Yemeni legitimate forces in the city of Zinjibar, capital of Abyan province in southern Yemen last Friday, but there are no manifestation…

Yemen – Yemeni forces expelled Al-Qaeda from Abyan

Abyan - Yemen 18/08/2016 Yemeni forces with the support of the Arab coalition fighters regained control of Zanjibar in Abyan province in southern Yemen, after a military campaign against al-Qaeda elements, which controlled the city.

Yemen: Police stationed in Alqaeda regions

Mansoura Directorate in the governorate of Aden is witnessing wide security and after locations of armed terrorist groups were targeted in their main stronghold in Mansoura after it was the main center for the implementation of the criminal…