Taiz students out of schools after the hothies bombed them

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More than 300,000 students in Taiz quit studying due to the bombing of their schools in the civil war that destroyed more than 248 schools in Taiz only.




Since the start of the civil war in Yemen, many schools closed due to the destruction and bombing and in Taiz the schools are violating human right which is the right of a child to receive education as 300000 students stopped studying.
The schools of Taiz are destroyed due to the random bombing of Alhouthi and Saleh forces as 250 schools of 1624 are destroyed in Taiz and the rest are used as military buildings for Alhouthi groups
Taiz was the teaching city in Yemen and they are still determined to teach in houses and mosques amid the displacement of more that 60000 teacher who fled the bombing and destruction



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