Fatom home museum in amman tales and secrets

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Fatima Awadh resides in a simple house with a special section for Antiques she purchased to create a home museum showing the life Arab peasants for more than a quarter of a century and she receives visitors from all over Jordan, people curious to see this rich home museum.



The journey to search and purchase unique antiques was not easy for Fatom Awadh, her passion towards history and heritage pushed her to purchase many antiques from shops via family and friends, around 1000 antiques reaching up to 300 years old.

Since the age of 5 years old, she started photographing these pieces and her passion made her open the (Fatom home museum) which receives visitors eager to see the history and their ancestors heritage since hundreds of years. She never stopped purchasing unique pieces, whenever she collects a sum of money she buys a piece and set it among her collection after searching for the piece story through books and internet or through her 8- year old father and history experts.



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