Kurdistan Region suffering a financial crisis

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The pay scale announced by Kurdistan government within reforms package to mitigate the impact of the financial and economic crisis in the region, provoked reservation of the Kurdish people leading government employees’ to protest and announce an indefinite strike from work until the government change the new decisions made.


Kurdistan government decided to solve the government employees’ salaries crisis by lowering it to 75% of high grade employees’ salaries and varying percentages from other grade employees including low grade employees, the matter which was refused widely by the region employees.

Protests continues since 4 days in Kurdistan region and religious figures joined the demonstrations refusing the government decision to lower the salaries to save money in the government funds box until the situation normalized in the region and then the difference in salaries will be returned to the citizen.

Protestors also demanded the overdue salaries for four months following the financial crisis faced by Kurdistan government because of the economic blockade imposed by the Iraqi federal government on the region for nearly two years, coinciding with the war that waged against ISIS and receiving more than two million displaced people and refugees in the context of lowering oil prices.






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