Iraqi forces preparations to liberate Alfalluja from ISIS

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The Iraqi forces are preparing to continue their liberation process of the Western region of the country and they are about to start their most important mission which is Alfalluja operations where ISIS members are stationed. This is occuring simultaneously with the continued batle in the Eastern part of Alramadi.


Iraqi forces or Iraqi army, local police and Falluja tribes are scattered in the Southern part of Alfalluja precisly in Bo Duaij to start its liberation process after liberating Alramadi center from ISIS.
Iraqi forces are surrounding the southern side of the city after controlling Bo Duaij weeks ago and they are preparing for striking the organization in the city after finding a safe outlet for families to leave the city.
At the same time, the Iraqi forces are fighting in Eastern Alramadi to cleanse it from the terrorist organization as a continuations of the operations started months ago and the forces Success in liberating the city and securing its people.



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