La Storia, a museum showing the ancient heritage of Jordan.

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La Storia museum which is known as Tale of Jordan Museum is located in Madaba near Mount Nebo and contains many Models telling the stories and tales of old times. The museum overlooks Amman western areas, Salt Mountain, Dead Sea, Jericho and Jerusalem Mountain.




Tale of Jordan Museum known as La Storia was founded in 2013 and the idea came to support coexistence between religions as it contains models telling the prophets’ stories such as building of Noah’s Ark story, and the life of the Prophet Moses and Prophet John the Baptist and Jesus peace be upon him in addition to the models and cut-outs of Grand Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and the Holy Mosque and others.

The museum also displays handicrafts used by our ancestors like Fashion heritage in Jordan, Palestine and Chechnya, and another section with form taken by the Sham lanes of small shops and houses. The models are displayed with sound and light effects making it close to reality.


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