Yemen – Aden holds its first Asian cultural bazaar


Location: Yemen, Aden

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:41

Voice: Natural

Source: A24

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 07/10/2022


For the first time in Yemen, Aden holds a cultural, educational and entertainment bazaar of Korean and Japanese culture, despite the difficult living conditions in the war-torn country. The bazaar aims to spread the culture and knowledge of other countries and openness to cultural differences. It included a corner for Asian food and Japanese and Korean books and drawings. Sarah Abdel Basset, Bazaar coordinator, told A24 that they tried to integrate the two Asian cultures with the Adeni culture. The bazaar displayed products imported from abroad, “which are not available anywhere else,” according to Abdel Basset. Although Yemenis struggle with long years of war, high prices, and poverty, they fight for a decent living and happiness. Visitors told A24 they were not used to seeing bazaars of cultures other than Adeni culture. They voiced happiness with the event and expressed their hope for the continuation of these activities in Yemen.

Shot list:

  • Soundbite (Sarah Abdel Basset – Bazaar Coordinator):

“It is a cultural and entertainment bazaar. We merged the Korean and Japanese cultures and worked to integrate them with our Adeni culture. We have an Asian food corner. Most of the drawings are Japanese and Korean. We have products imported from abroad that are not available anywhere else. We also displayed Asian and Korean educational and entertainment books in the library.

  • Soundbite (Alia Ahmed – visitor):

“The idea of the bazaar is new to us because it represents cultures other than our own that we are used to seeing in the different bazaars that are held in Aden. This is the first time we have a Japanese and Asian culture bazaar in Aden. It included different corners like food and books. We saw exotic foods. It is the first time they provide us with different books.”

– Soundbite (Ahmed Jalal – visitor):

This event is happening for the first time in Yemen. I saw many new and beautiful things, including Japanese and Korean things. I bought this dress from the bazaar. I hope such activities continue.”

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