Yemen – Citizens hold Houthis responsible for failure to extend truce


Location: Taiz – Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:02:38

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Aden

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 10/05/2022


Yemeni citizens expressed concerns about the failure to extend the truce of peace and permanently stop the war. Citizens blame the Houthi group for the failure to extend the truce, which threatens the return of conflict and sporadic fighting across Yemen.

Citizens A24 interviewed said Yemenis did not benefit from the truce because of Houthi violations and intermittent bombing of Taiz governorate. They added that the Houthi group used the truce to arrange its political agenda and reposition its military forces. Citizens also said the Houthi group uses the truce as a tool to blackmail the Arab Gulf countries and international community.


– Soundbite (Thi Yazan Al-Sawaei – Taiz citizen):

“Yemeni people did not benefit from this truce, the Houthi group did though, as it was able to arrange its agenda as well as political and military forces. The truce is a kind of tool the Houthi group uses to blackmail Arab Gulf countries, international community or United Nations.”

– Soundbite (Muhannad Alazani – Taiz citizen):

“Houthi group’s rejection of the truce means the return of major military battles, especially after its military parades that confirm its escalatory intentions for the frontlines.”

– Soundbite (Muath al-Obeidi – Taiz citizen):

“I do not believe the truce will be extended because the demands of the Houthi group are intransigent; demanding salaries for employees of Houthi-controlled areas is unfair to the legitimate government, which I do not believe can meet these requirements. The people in Taiz did not benefit much from the truce because of the countless Houthi violations and random bombing that will intensify after the truce ends.”

– Soundbite (Mohammed Taher – Taiz citizen):

“We expect the truce to be extended, but it will be useless since it will only be on paper, not implemented on the ground. We have been in this war for eight years and all previous truces failed, so I wonder how long this one will last.”

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