Yemen – Aden artists tackle violence against women at groundbreaking exhibition


Location: Aden, Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:03

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Aden

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Date: 23/09/2022


The “I Have Hope” initiative held an exhibition in Aden of drawings and paintings depicting gender-based violence to shed light on an increasing number of cases of abuse of and killing of women in Yemen. The exhibition, themed “A woman dies, we all die,” aims to convey a message to stop violence against women in the world and in Yemen. Gender-based violence against Yemeni women increased in Aden during the last few years. A report issued by To Be Foundation for Rights and Freedoms in January 2022 shows that the percentage of women subjected to domestic violence and beatings in Aden is nearly 90 percent. In addition, the rate of women raped during and before the war reached almost 50%. At the same time, the percentage of divorce and alimony cases reached 80%, including pending cases.

The report stated that the percentage of women subjected to fraud and abuse by their husbands and their families is 60%. In contrast, the rate of harassment, violation, and discrimination between women and men in work is 70%. In addition, the percentage of women whose parents deprive them of education and do not give them the freedom to make choices and decide for themselves is 60%.

Shot list:

Soundbite (Shatha Hani – plastic artist):

“Through my drawings, I tried to depict the struggle of young girls, especially the incident of rape of girls in Sana’a, which shook the world. Women lack gentle treatment and care, and even children were treated ruthlessly. I also addressed their lack of rights and freedoms in society to convey a message that we need to respect women’s rights in general.”

Soundbite (Ahmed Khalid – visitor):

“The exhibition’s paintings and drawings were very expressive, closely related to and closely related to the issue of violence against women.”

Soundbite (Maram Al-Aghbari – responsible for the media department in the initiative):

“In the “I Have Hope” voluntary charity Initiative, we are holding an exhibition that discusses important societal issues, the most important of which is violence against women. The prophet Muhamad (PBUH) commanded to be kind to women. Rather, women today are subjected to several violations, whether human violations, physical violations, harassment and sexual abuse. We want to communicate all issues through a selection of paintings by female painters and artists in Aden Governorate. The initiative is organized by young people from civil society, and activists who always try to convey realistic societal messages that address these matters.”

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