Yemen – Heavy rains in Aden uncover poor infrastructure


Location: Aden-Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:02:37

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Aden

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 09/24/2022


Several areas in Aden witnessed on Friday large amounts of rain, which led to flooding of main streets. The rainwater accumulated on the sides of the roads also hindered movement of cars.

The heavy rains uncovered the extent of corruption and negligence in the project implementation of newly constructed roads after they turned into large pools of water.

Citizens A24 interviewed appealed to the government to resolve the infrastructure problem in Aden, and improve water drainage to prevent rain from accumulating in roads. Since truce is in effect, citizens believe the government has the time to pay attention to such issues, as they demand for provision of services they were denied of during years of war.


– Soundbite (Abdulwahab Muhammad – Syrian citizen):

“We used to excuse the government and local authorities for their negligence since the country was at war. Now however, there is truce and political stability, so local authorities must exert efforts to get Aden out of the pit. Burdens of citizen in Aden keep mounting, from long periods of power cuts to rain floods destroying cars and roads.”

– Soundbite (Abdullah Muhammad – Syrian citizen):

“We demand this issue be resolved, and water drainage be fixed in houses damaged due to rain and roads. Citizen are suffering from the floods especially on 90th Street, which is one of the most prominent routes in Aden.”

– Soundbite (Montaser Thabet – Syrian citizen):

“The flooding of roads has affected citizens and cars, since there are pits filled with rainwater and no way of knowing their locations, causing some to hit a ditch and damage their cars, unable to move them for repair. We appeal to the government and concerned authorities to resolve this issue.”

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