Jordan – Jordanian Foreign Ministry welcomes announced ceasefire and calls for two-state solution


Location: Amman – Jordan

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Date: 08/08/ 2022


Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Safadi, today Monday, welcomed the announced ceasefire in Gaza, after Israel’s recent attack that killed 44 Palestinians.

Safadi denounced, during a press conference with his Yemeni counterpart Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak in Amman, Israel’s ongoing violations in Al-Aqsa Mosque. He warned against continued absence of a political tolerance, and refusal of dialogue between Israel and Palestine.

Jordanian foreign minister noted the importance of coordination with Palestinian Authority and the international community in order to achieve peace in the region. He expressed appreciation towards Arab, regional and international mediation efforts that led to the signing of the ceasefire agreement.

In his speech, Safadi stated the situation in Palestine keeps escalating because of lack of respect for the resolutions of international legitimacy. He noted that the main solution would be two-state solution; declaring independence of Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. He stressed the need to return to serious and effective discussions in order to achieve peace.

Safadi confirmed Jordan’s continuous efforts to coordinate with Palestinian Authority and all concerned parties in order to identify a real political strategy to achieve peace and prevent further escalation.

Yemeni foreign minister Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak described Jordanian-Yemeni relations as long-standing, noting the importance of common interests between the two countries. He expressed appreciation for Jordan’s support of Yemen, for hosting peace talks between sides of the Yemeni conflict that resulted in the signing of the ceasefire agreement last March. He expressed appreciation for Jordan’s efforts to bring Yemeni parties closer and hosting internal Yemeni dialogues for issues related to opening roads, development or prisoners.

Yemeni foreign minister, who is visiting Jordan for three days, announced the upcoming visit of Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council president to Jordan, that will involve signing a protocol for cooperation and political coordination with Jordan.

Bin Mubarak accused Houthi militia of deliberately violating the ceasefire more than once to implement Iranian policy in the region, while Yemeni government continues to abide by it. He stated the government continued efforts to mitigate the suffering of Yemenis.

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