Palestine – Gaza citizens check homes after ceasefire takes effect and shelling stops


Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:35

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Gaza

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 08/08/ 2022


The ceasefire agreement between Israeli forces and the Palestinian factions in Gaza has taken effect, allowing citizens to return to their homes and check the amount of damage the shelling caused, as they try to return to their normal lives.

Citizens told A24 they are overjoyed with the ceasefire agreement. Although, some citizens still had homes to return to, others didn’t because their homes were completely destroyed, one of which is a man who has only been married a year. He told A24 he only recently purchased his house under installment loan but was not able to enjoy it because the Israeli shelling destroyed most of his possessions.

Citizens told A24 they demand concerned authorities to rebuild their houses and provide them with temporary housing during reconstruction, as they are unable to pay for repairs in light of the difficult economic conditions that were prevalent even before the recent shelling.


– Soundbite (Subhi Abu Shoqa – His house was destroyed by the shelling):

“We were overjoyed when the ceasefire took effect. The shelling destroyed our house completely, but thankfully we survived. We were sitting at home when we received a call to evacuate minutes before the shelling. We have no idea who the target of the shelling was, we left in a hurry and had just reached the street when an F-16 plane launched two missiles on our house. Our only demand is the reconstruction of our house, as the economic situation in the country is bad enough, no one can find employment.”

– Soundbite (Um Malik Shamlakh – Her house was destroyed by the shelling):

“The war is over, but we are living on the streets. Others have returned to their homes, but we have no home to return to. Where are we supposed to go? We demand housing be provided for us until a solution is found. We cannot remain homeless.”

– Soundbite (Amin Samir – His house was destroyed by the shelling):

“I have only been married a year, all house essentials and furniture we pay in installments. I was having a meal with my wife when a missile was launched as warning to notify us to evacuate. When we returned to the house, we found everything destroyed, including bedrooms, dining table, refrigerator and windows. We are thankful to be alive, despite the fact that we have not completed payments for any of the items destroyed.”

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