Yemen – Career pathways program to rehabilitate graduates concludes in Aden.


Location: Aden – Yemen
Language: Arabic
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Source: A24 in Yemen
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Date: 12/06/2022


Education For Employment-Yemen (EFE-Yemen) organized a graduation ceremony for five hundred and nine students from the University of Aden, concluding the career pathways program in the southern port city of Aden.

The programe was organized by EFE-Yemen in partnership with the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) and Alwaleed Philanthropies.

The program, which covers the governorates of Aden, Abyan and Lahj, aims to enhance the trainees’ abilities to search for a job and to keep up with labor market needs in different fields, by equipping them with the necessary skills for finding job opportunities, writing C.Vs and preparing for job interviews.

The President of the University of Aden, Al-Khader Nasser Lasour, said the program is vital to develop students’ skills, adding several laboratories at the Faculties of Medicine and Law will be opened soon to serve students and society.

Executive Director of the SDRPY Office Ahmed Al-Madkhali said two hundred and four development projects and initiatives were launched in the sectors of education, health, water, energy, and others, with aim of providing jobs for Yemen’s young people.

Osama Bamatraf, Student from University of Aden, speaks to A24 News Agency and urged companies in the private and government sector to attract youth and train them for the labor market.


Soundbite (Osama Bamatraf – Student from University of Aden):
“The program involved courses to discover people’s untapped talents and capabilities. The participants are students entering labor market, they learned how to achieve maximum benefits. We hope to see companies in the private or government sector, seeking to attract these youth and train them for the labor market, and perhaps provide them with opportunities for practical application in a field they might excel at and can be employed in later on. We thank all benefactors in this program for their effort.”

Soundbite (Nawal Ali Jawad – Vice Dean of the Community College for Practical Application):
“Today we are here to conclude the training program for entering labor market, which trained five hundred students from several faculties at the University of Aden. The program organizer is Education for Employment Yemen with strong backing from university president Al-Khader Nasser Lasour, in addition to the efforts of financier Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, and the Al-Waleed Philanthropies”.

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