Yemen – Constant power outage, a nightmare for residents of Aden during summer


Date: 27/05/2022

Location: Aden-Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:04

Sound: Natural

Source: A24 Aden

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Constant power outages in Aden, southern Yemen, have become a nightmare for the residents of the city, especially as summer kicks off.

The repeated complaints of the people to the Ministry of Electricity did not solve the problem; rather electricity comes on for one hour only amid the complete disregard by officials to carry out the necessary maintenance operations for power generation and transmission plants.

Engineer at Aden Electricity Corporation, Wadah Al-Nimri, told A24 News Agency that there is an agreement between the Corporation and the Ministry of Electricity to operate generator four after performing routine maintenance to the network.

It is expected to help improve the network’s status and reduce the duration of electricity outages.

Until these promises are fulfilled, citizens will remain deprived of their most basic rights to obtaining a basic service.

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Soundbite (Abdul-Jalil Al-Shamiri – Citizen):

“Temperature in Aden is high. We leave the house to the street because of the long duration of electricity outage, reaching 6-7 hours a day, while it comes on for one hour only. The Ministry of Electricity promises us that the electricity condition will improve, but this did not happen. We hope the authorities and the government work to find a solution as soon as possible because the hot weather of Aden is unbearable.”

Soundbite (Majd Hussien Omari – Citizen):

“The weather has become very hot these days. I go out to the street where the weather is nicer, but the elderly, women and children remain in the house. It is difficult for them to bear the power outage. People die inside the houses from the severity of the heat. We hope that the officials solve this difficult issue. They promise us every summer, but to no avail.”

Soundbite (Wadah Al-Nimri – Engineer in Aden Electricity Corporation):

“There is an agreement between the Corporation and the Ministry to operate generator four after we perform routine maintenance for it. Which will help in setting up the network, reducing the duration of pour outage, and improving the operation.”

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