Jordan – Jordan International Rally kicks off with the participation of 26 competitors


Location: Amman – Jordan

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 19-05-2022


Jordan Rally – the fourth round of the Middle East Rally Championship- was officially flagged away, yesterday, Thursday, from the Royal Automobile Museum in Amman, with the participation of 26 competitors from different countries.

The total distance of the 12-stage rally, held in the Dead Sea, is 598.22 km, and the distance for the special stages is 205.54 km.

Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah is the most prominent competitor, as he has won the Jordan Rally 14 times, and won the Middle East Championship 18 times.

Jordanian Issa Abu Jamous came in second place with 59 points, leaving behind Omani Abdullah Rawahi in third place with 54 points.

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Soundbite (Shadi Shaaban – Jordanian competitor):

“The Jordan Rally is one of the most important championships in the Middle East Championship. The main thing in the rally is the difficult stages which will be in the mountains and valleys. This year we saw a large number of participants.”

Soundbite (Abdullah Al-Rawahi – Omani competitor):

“The challenges are many in the Jordan Rally, especially in the difficult stages. We should be fully prepared as any mistake costs a lot.

Soundbite (Ibrahim Ali – Jordanian competitor):

“I participate in this race for the first time, after we were able to secure sponsors who would help us. We saw the stages and trained. The stages are very difficult, long, and tiring. We hope for good results.”

Soundbite (Mishary Al-Dhafiri-Kuwaiti competitor):

“We are participating for the eighth time in the Jordan Rally. Our group won three times in a row. Today we aspire to compete for first place in our category. We have nothing to lose, as we participated in the Middle East Championship in its previous rounds.”

Soundbite (Nasser Attia – Qatari competitor):

“The Jordan Rally is very important for us, and it is difficult at the same time. We thank the organizers. This is the fourth round of the championship, and hopefully, we win.”

Soundbite (Samer Issa – Co-driver):

“The Jordan Rally is very special, because it takes place in the Dead Sea area, distinguished by its nature; mountains and valleys. There are long roads with many laps, so the co-driver must be aware of the notes given to him so that he can help the driver to proceed on the road.”

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