Tunisia – The Opera Theatre of Tunis performs a musical as part of “Ramadan in the city” activities.


Location: Capital Tunis

Language: Arabic

Sound: Normal


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Dateline: 09/04/2022


As part of “Ramadan in the city” activities, The Opera Theatre of Tunis performed a musical titled “East 22” with an orchestra conducted by maestro Shadi al-Qarafi, accompanied by artists Asma Ben Ahmed, Hassan Doss and Thamer Abd al-Jawad. “East 22” is a continuation of “East 2011” and “East 2011”, which are all pieces created by maestro Shadi al-Qarafi. Participants said that preserving Tunisian folklore and folk music by incorporating Arab music instruments provides it with a different aesthetic quality.


Soundbite (Thamer Abd al-Jawad – Tunisian singer):

            “Tunisian listen to folk music since birth but now modern music is dominant. Classy music is diminishing but hopefully our style in performing eastern songs with new arrangements will give them new life as if being heard for the first time.”

Various shots of the musical.

Soundbite (Hassan Doss – Tunisian singer):

            “At first, I was reluctant to perform songs by Sabah Fakhri, Melhem Barakat and Fahid Balan. It is a great responsibility and a difficult task. I prepared a few songs hoping to meet people’s expectations and honor these great Arab artists. The performance will be a symphony. The song will be performed in a new and modern way.”

Various shots of the musical.

Soundbite (Shadi al-Qarafi – Tunisian maestro):

            “East 22 is a continuation of East 2010 and East 2011. I took a break for a while but now I am back with a new piece. We have included different voices for diversity. The performance will have an orchestra with Arab music instruments to provide it with a different aesthetic quality.”

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