Iraq –Prayer beads, means of worship for elderly and accessory for youth


Location: Sulaymaniyah – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:05:17

Source: A24

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Dateline: 15-02-2022


The Prayer beads market in Sulaymaniyah is a landmark of the city, and an ancient Kurdish heritage, that everyone wants to own. The elderly use prayer beads for religious purposes, while young people as an accessory.

Experts say that prayer beads started from Judaism, then moved to Christianity, and finally to Islam, and Iraq is one of the countries that uses, manufactures, or imports them.

The prices of prayer beads range from one to ten thousand dollars. They differ in design, material, size, and number of beads. The famous ones in Kurdistan are made of blue beads.


(SOUNDBITE) Jenner Jameel – Prayer beads expert:

“I have been working in this profession for more than 40 years. The Jews were the first to use the prayer beads in their house of worship. Their prayer beads were made up of 1001 beads, representing the number of words that Moses uttered to the Lord. The Christians used it in churches, and it consisted of 33 beads representing Jesus’s age. Finally, Muslims made it 99 beads representing to the number of the Names of God.”

(SOUNDBITE) Jenner Jameel – Prayer beads expert:

“Prayer beads are now used for worship, as well as an accessory. They range in price from $1 to $10,000 and are made of famous blue beads in Iraqi Kurdistan, gems, crystals, and other materials.”

(SOUNDBITE) Fadil Abdul Rahman – Owner of a prayer beads store:

“Some youth use it as an accessory while old people use it for religious purposes.”

(SOUNDBITE) Daban Abdul Razzaq – Citizen:

“The prayer beads in Sulaymaniyah are made of several materials such as crystal. They are used for worship and accessory, and can be considered an ancient ritual.”

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