Iraq – Iraqis express their condemnation over the bombing of Baghdad International Airport


Location: Baghdad – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:24

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 29-01-2022


Targeting Baghdad International Airport with multiple missiles by anonymous armed groups drew widespread condemnation by the Iraqis.

Observers in political matters considered this act as detrimental to Iraq’s reputation, compromising its sovereignty, attacking the political process and the Iraqi personality, and sending a negative message to the Arab and international surroundings.

It leaves a bunch of repercussions, considering Baghdad Airport within the circle of vital institutions fraught with risks, and will lead to a ban of entry by several countries that have agreements and economic and investment relations with Iraq, in addition to disrupting the flow of the travelers to and from the airport.

Shot list:

(SOUNDBITE) Mohamed Al-Fadil – Political and Media Analyst:

“Targeting Baghdad International Airport is target to Iraqi sovereignty and the political process that we need now, through the formation of a new government, and Iraq’s improvement. The bombing of Baghdad Airport sends negative messages to the international community, considering that Iraq needs people traveling and entering for investment, or tourism as well. This targeting will make a gap with the international and Arab surroundings. We also, as concerned with the issue and Iraqis in particular, demand that these parties stop these activities that harm the Iraqi economy in the first place.”

(SOUNDBITE) Ali Al-Khalidi – writer and journalist:

“Today, when any embassy targets any facility that raises a flag represents that the area is forbidden to everyone, means that you targeted Iraq’s reputation, you hit the Iraqi flag, person, and values. Today we need a positive forum. We ask to lift the ban in all fields, today many areas are prohibited to enter Iraq. The Iraqi Airways was one of the most important lines that planes pass through, but the closest neighbor to you, which is Kuwait, banned flying, so targeting the airports are a blow to the core of personality of Iraq, the reputation of Iraq, and the history of Iraq.”

(SOUNDBITE) Fatima Fadel – Citizen:

“They are all negative acts that target the Arab countries, there is no purpose behind for these strikes on vital installations, or because they belong to the people, not owned by anyone, such vital facilities shouldn’t be targeted, it gives a bad image about the Iraqi people, and great Iraq, we do not know what the purpose of striking them is. We wish security and safety for Iraq and the people of Iraq because it does not deserve all this suffering that happens daily”.

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