Syria- SDF Regain Control Over al-Sina’a Prison


Location: al-Hasaka – Syria
Language: Kurdish
Voice: Natural
Duration: 00:07:39
Source: A24
Restrictions: A24 Clients
Dateline: 26/01/2022


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced Wednesday
they had taken full control of the al-Sina’a prison in Hasakah
after ISIS sleep cells attacked the prison. About 550 ISIS
members who escaped the prison were arrested. Nowruz
Ahmed, a top official with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic
Forces (SDF) said that the ISIS attack was planned outside the
prison in cooperation with ISIS sleep cells operating in Al-
Hasakah, particularly in the neighborhoods of Al-Zohour and
Ghweran. She indicated that military operations against ISIS
cells are also taking place in all the northern and eastern parts
of Syria

Shot list

-SOUNDBITE (Nowruz Ahmed, a top official with the Kurdish-led
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

ISIS members tried more than once to attack the prison, but
our forces thwarted their first two attempts. However, this
time their attack was much more prepared and it was
planned outside the prison, according to members who
participated in the attack. About 200 to 300 ISIS members
stormed the prison with the cooperation of ISIS sleep cells
operating in the area. ISIS members launched their
operations from Ghweran, Al-Nashwa, Al-Zohour
neighborhoods as they used explosive belts and three booby-
trapped vehicles for the attack.

Our priority was to regain control of the prison to free our
members who were taken hostages by ISIS. We started by
surrounding the prison to prevent ISIS members from
escaping the area. We are now in full control of the prison

and detainees are being transferred to a much safer place.
Part of our operations entails sweeping ISIS hotbeds, from
which they launched their operations by using suicide built.
10 thousand members of SDF are sweeping these areas to
clear ISIS cells

ISIS mercenaries used detained children as human shields.
Therefore, we were keen during our operations not to harm
children and civilians. We do not know yet the exact
numbers of the death toll and the arrested members inside
the prison. So far, 550 people have been arrested outside the
We would like to declare that in order to clear the region
from ISIS members, especially in Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Al-
Shaddadi, Al-Hasakah, and Al-Hol, our operations will resume
in these areas

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