Syria – The pursuit and engagement operations with the escaped ISIS prisoners continue in Al-Hasakah


Location: Hasakah – Syria

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:19

Voice: Natural

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 22-01-2022


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue their military operations against ISIS fighters who escaped from Al-Sana’a prison in Ghweran area, Al-Hasakah city, for the second day. A significant number of military forces are participating in this operation with heavy weapons and with the backing of the coalition warplanes that target the prison with missiles and machine guns, so far a large number of ISIS elements have been killed.

ISIS members have taken up residence in two buildings and a few houses in the neighborhoods surrounding the prison, prompting the SDF to launch a combating campaign in the area, in pursuit of people escaping ISIS and its cells.

Simultaneously, the process of removing civilians from the neighborhood continues, and the presence of civilians in the area, according to SDF, has substantially delayed controlling it and the prison to avoid civilian casualties.

Shot list:

(SOUNDBITE) Siamand Ali – Director of the Media Office of the People’s Protection Units):

“Today, our forces from the anti-terror units took control of several buildings in which ISIS terrorist mercenaries are holed up, including the Faculty of Economics, which was the first fortress of ISIS mercenaries. Strong clashes took place between our units and mercenaries in the prison, especially in the Al-Zohour neighborhood.

The sweeping process is still ongoing accurately, but there is a slowdown in this process due to the presence of civilians in those areas, so we cannot use any heavy weapons or airpower to target these terrorists.

The prison is completely under our control, except some quarters where there are no weapons, but there is recalcitrance in those quarters and our forces are trying to control the situation in the field now and until this moment, more than 45 members of the terrorist organization have been killed, and there are wounded and dead that we could not count because they are still in battlefields.”

(SOUNDBITE) Fawaz Al-Zawbaa – Notables of the area:

“We know this sedition, but we are capable to fight it with the strength of our youth members and the Syrian Democratic Forces. We appeal to our people in al-Hasakah and exclusively Gweran and the neighborhood of al-Zuhur, and every person has information or has something to report because today we want to see people from the surroundings of the besieged place so that the forces intervene and sweep the area.”

(SOUNDBITE) Wajeeh – Citizen

“Currently the Syrian Democratic Forces are besieging this area after they tightened control over the industrial prison, and a large number of terrorists who escaped from this prison were handed over in cooperation with terrorist groups that infiltrated from the neighborhoods near the prison. Now the entire Ghweran neighborhood and Al-Zohour neighborhood are under control, and the Syrian Democratic Forces and the security services are combing the area, but the liberation of these buildings was delayed due to the presence of some of our people from the neighborhood of Ghweran civilians within this area.”


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