Palestine- A Female Marathon to Boost Women’s Roles in Society


Location: Gaza-Palestine

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:37

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 22/01/2022


As women gender stereotyping remains entrenched in society that prevents women from practicing sports, a group of girls participated in a walking marathon for a distance of 2 kilometers across the crossline of the Gaza Sea to reshape the societal beliefs about women’s participation in sports. The marathon event also aims at building women’s self-confidence and boosting their roles in society along with men so to have equal rights. The marathon was part of youths’ activities that aim at boosting women’s role and establishing women’s rights in practicing sports.

Shot list:

-SOUNDBITE (Mervat Al-Bitar-Member of Al-Mashtal Sports Club)

This event aims at reshaping society’s stereotypes about women in general and about their participation in sports. Indeed, women have the motivation to play sports but our job is to change society’s stereotypes and attitudes toward women playing sports. Despite the restrictions in Gaza, Women are participating in every single club, activity, union. They also play volleyball, basketball, badminton, and at the top of which is soccer inside the clubs. Today, we are walking a distance of 2 kilometers and we chose the coastline Gaza Sea because the place gives us positive energy, where one can get fresh air.

-SOUNDBITE ( Mervat Al-Ghalayini – Member of the Equestrian Federation and one of the participants)

We are here today to boost women’s role in society. Women in Gaza play all water sports but within the constraints of our traditions and beliefs. Moreover, we are always keen to stand by women. For the second year in a row, we are participating in the walking universal day, which I believe is important to our health. We believe in equality between men and women in all aspects but within the frame of traditions and norms. All kinds of sports including, walking, riding horses or motorcycles, and playing basketball improve people’s health. Indeed, it is true that a sound mind is in a healthy body. We want to deliver a message to all leaders and officials to stand by women in every single aspect, not only in terms of sports. Moreover, because  women are weak, we are always keen to support them.

Mai Alami – one of the participants) -SOUNDBITE (

Today we- Palestine equestrian federation- are participating in a walking marathon. I believe women should enjoy their freedom in society and I demand equal treatment for both genders. Women are just like men, as they do enjoy many talents and capabilities that are manifested in universal championships. Therefore, society should have confidence in women’s capabilities


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