Iraq – Artificial jewelry markets flourish in Sulaymaniyah as the gold prices surge


The surge in gold prices in the Kurdistan region pushed people to purchase artificial jewelry due to their terrible economic conditions which affected around 40% of the purchase percentage in the gold markets. Gold dealers and goldsmiths in Sulaymaniyah pointed out that artificial jewelry and the harsh economic circumstances affected their business negatively, and compelled people to buy cheap accessories.

Location: Sulaymaniyah – Iraq

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:49

Source: A24

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Dateline: 18-01-2022

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Various shots from the Sulaymaniyah

Various shots of the gold market

(SOUNDBITE) Zuhair Karim – Gold shop owner:

“People buy artificial jewelry because of their cheap and affordable prices, in comparison to the high prices of Gold. The harsh economic condition has affected people and they no longer can buy gold so they turn to artificial accessories.”

Various shots of the gold market

(SOUNDBITE) Azad Omar – Gold shop owner:

“Artificial jewelry affected about 40% of the gold markets, in addition to the difficult economic conditions and the decline in income. Gold is no longer necessary; it is a luxury, and this affects us. People used to use gold as an accessory and to save their money. Now the situation has changed, which affected the gold prices and purchases.”

Various shots of the accessories market and artificial jewelry

(SOUNDBITE) Byond Diary – Owner of artificial jewelry shop:

“Because gold is very expensive and accessories are rather expensive or cheap. Some people sell gold and buy artificial accessories, they are cheap and look like original gold, they serve good accessories.”

Various shots of the accessories market and artificial jewelry

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