Thailand – Covid’s lockdowns inspire different methods of tourism in Thailand


Thailand has faced lockdowns for 11 months in total that raises the need for tourism in Thailand. In the meantime, Thai tourists showed more interest in camping in the area 150km away from Bangkok, over 500 new camping grounds have been found this year. The owner of Ing Ga Ping Homestay camping ground in Kamphaeng Phet Province stated that camping became a new trend after the COVID-19 pandemic, While tourists revealed that camping offers a different travel experience unlike staying in a hotel and is also a good choice for those who can’t travel because of Covid.

Location: Nakhon Ratchasima, Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand

Language: Thai

Duration: 00:03:31

Source: A24

Restriction: A24 clients

Dateline: 10-01-2022

Shot lists:

– Various shots of tourists registering and setting up their tents at Khao Phaeng Ma camping ground, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

– (Soundbite) Thawatchai Tavitiyakul – Tourist;

We live in a city, concrete jungle, all the time. We can’t take it. It’s too stressful. So, we travel to feel nature. If we find any good location, we go spend a night there. And we cook for ourselves and so on. My family can stay freely.

– Various shots of many tents available at Khao Phaeng Ma camping ground

– (Soundbite) Nattachon Kunraksa – Tourist;

I like the atmosphere. In winter, the atmosphere is a good – cold wind and low temperature – perfect for camping because it won’t be hot while we’re sleeping. And we get to see wildlife. I brought my kids and my family to travel. Especially in winter, we’ll travel 4-5 times a month. And if it’s the new year’s holiday, we won’t go anywhere else but camping.

– Various shots of tourists self-cooking at their camp

– (Soundbite) Supansa Puangmanee – Tourist;

Because it’s winter – nice weather. Camping gives us the feeling that is different from lodging. If it’s a lodge, it can be of them. For me, it’s to relax. It’s because I just graduated, just be able to travel not so long before I graduated, and then it’s Covid. I couldn’t travel enough.

– Various shots of Ing Ga Ping Homestay camping ground, Kamphaeng Phet Province

– (Soundbite) Chanboon Daengsiri – Owner of Ing Ga Ping Homestay camping ground;

For now, we have to say that the atmosphere and timing make everyone want to come out and travel. It’s Covid that makes everyone wants to run to nature. Now that we build a camping ground and let them rent the whole ground, most of them would book us as a whole.

– Various shots of the camping ground by Ping Riverside’s atmosphere

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