Cambodia – Hotel owners in Cambodia fears reopening because of COVID variants


After the Royal Government announced the reopening of the tourism sector, some hotel owners are still reluctant to spend money on renovating their hotels because of fear of having to shut down again as COVID’s variants have not yet disappeared, especially since they have incurred a long loss of income during the pandemic pushed them to fear applying for bank loans which they are unable to pay off. Despite the resumption of domestic tourism following the local people’s adaptation to the pandemic and adherence to safety measures, as well as the government’s opening of several roads and other maintenance, the owners of hotels and resorts believe that it is better to wait for the foreign tourists to return and reach at least 70% of what it was in 2019, so they compensate for any cost they incur in upgrading the places, however, some of them considered that this prospect is unlikely so far due to the state of lockdown imposed in a large number of tourists-producing countries.

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