Thailand – Pattaya city hosts art events to encourage its tourist attraction


The Thai city, Pattaya, hosts a series of eight-week big events, starting from November till New Year’s Eve. The city invested 30 million baht (approx. 0.9 million USD) to arrange the event that included five festivals; Pattaya Music Festival 2021, Loy Kratong Festival, International Fireworks, Food Festival “Dern Gin Thin Na Klue”, and Pattaya Countdown. Pattaya aims, through arranging these events, to display its potentials as one of Thailand’s destinations and the city of opportunity. Some expat people found that the language barrier and unfamiliar Thai music styles are two drawbacks of the music festival, whereas the city’s citizens, who work in tourist-dependent professions, complained that still no sign of foreign tourists in Pattaya even though the event already reached its fourth week.


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