Iraq- Iraqi Foreign Minister: The Supreme Pontiff visit to Iraq is a “significant event”


On Thursday evening, Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, has described the visit of Pope Francis to Iraq, on Friday, as a significant event in the history of Iraq, stating to the journalists, in the press center at the Babylon Hotel, that; “With excitement, we are looking forward to the arrival of the Supreme Pontiff on his historic visit to Iraq.” The minister welcomed the Pope’s visit, seeing his Holiness’s visit as a sign of peace, tolerance, coexistence, and a rejection of violence. Pope Francis sent a very touching and personal videoed message to the Iraqis on the eve of his historic visit to Iraq, in which he is pointing out at the time of war and terrorism, calling for reconciliation and stating; “Finally, I am going to be among you. I am eager to meet you and see your faces and visit your country, the cradle of the ancient and incredible civilization.”



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