Iraq – Destruction and lack of resources in Ramadi

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Ramadi-Iraq 07/09/2016

Ramadi, an Iraqi city, once-upon-a-time it was so pretty, until many occupiers and liars invaded the city. Today, eight months into its liberation from ISIS, the people, and those responsible for the city, a Council in Anbar, look around, sometimes they touch the ground, waiting for a sound of hope, but instead they go to bed, in a daze, they think in multiple ways, how do we survive this pain? How do we paint the baby blue sky in heaven with the colors of the rainbow? The damage done by ISIS is way to deep, even the website that comes and goes, known in English as “the depths” which they use to confuse and abuse, but they are so clever, what they do is they study every fish in the sea, they have 20/20 vision, and they see you all with precision. Its about time we make a decision, lets unite in humanity. If a miracle birth, makes its way to earth in nine months, why is it that in eight months, Ramadi is still in pain, seriously you all need a mental institution to heal your brain.



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