Iraq: Tariq Camp receives families returning to Karmah

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Karm0ah (Northeastern Fallujah) – Iraq 07/09/2016

Families driven out of Fallujah, are on their feet, cars, buses, like they are traveling in the desert thirsty for water, awaiting their return to the beds they once slept on, the kitchens they cooked in, the floors they mopped, the living rooms they ate rice and meat and served sugar with tea. They were greeted by the Ministry of Displacement and Migration with a basket full of bread and butter. They dropped their jaws, it was almost like Santa Clause made it in the summer, they almost couldn’t mutter that this basket is like a gift from heaven, it’s like diamonds and gold, they are so cold and they aged, some got old in just a few months, days, years, they don’t even know what day of the week it is, what month, even year. These people are in fear and need shelter from the cold and heat, they need a home to grow old in with their honey’s so they can jump them like bunny’s. For now, they are going through a security protocol conducted by Fallujah’s local council, to ensure no one belongs to a terrorist organization, in the interim stage, they have been placed in Tariq Camp.



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