Iraq – Volunteers sell books and encourage the community to read

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Sulimaniyya-Kurdistan-Iraq 06/09/2016

Kurdish girls got together to launch a book-on-wheels reading initiative, by the name Sophia. They volunteer their time and energy because it makes them happy to have discovered on their own there is a way out of misery from the aftermath of slavery and war, and most of all the presence of dark forces in life, that are around them, they surround them, in countries near and far, they want to fight their deep scar. In places even drawn in the stars, they know that in novels there are hidden messages of pain, where people travelled the shoes of those with a deep bruise. The ones depicted with pain are always the ones liberated from earth, their story becomes that of glory. When they are dead, people begin to hear what they said. And the girls in Kurdistan are feeling the heat, and they refuse to get beat, they are not selfish, they know as a community they are all in pain, so their gift to their community is an escape from the madness that visits their brain, by knowing they are not alone and freedom one day will rain on those whom have been driven insane with pain forced upon them by life and the slavery imposed upon them by the evil leaders profiteering off of killing, selling weapons, and insulting our intelligence by saying they wage wars because they care.




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