Jordan: Mount Nebo, a religious site in Madaba

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Madaba-Jordan – 25/6/2016

Mount Nebo is located 41 kilometers to the southwest of the Jordanian capital Amman and 10 km to the west of the city of Madaba, overlooking the stunning views of Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and the West Bank, and it is one of the most important holy sites in Jordan.





At an altitude of more than 817 meters above sea level, just 41 kilometers to the south-west of the Jordanian capital Amman, Mount Nebo is located, which extends south to the valleys, and to the north (Wadi Abu Naml), extending to the area (the eyes of Moses), slope westward toward (Jordan Valley).
And on this mountain there are several archaeological sites for churches and an ancient palace of the Byzantine era, as the mountain region is one of the most prominent locations in the clear days for its magnificent view and clear vision as the viewer can see the Dead Sea and the mountains of Balqa and all of Palestine, including the Dome of the Rock, the towers of churches in Jerusalem and southern Lebanon and Mount Hermon as well as Sinai Mountains in the south. It is the favorite destination among Jewish pilgrims coming from around the world believing that the top of the mountain containing the remains of Moses

It is worth to mention that this historic archaeological site is one of the holy places for all religions, there is no place in it that haven’t been visited by a prophet or a saint, as every part of it has been associated with a story of a prophet or a saint or Sahabi.



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