Yemen: Heavy Casualties among Houthi Militias Following Clashes with Yemeni Troops in Mqubnp Front

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Taiz-Yemen  10/11/2020

Yemeni legitimate government’s troops declared foiling an attack on Mqubnp Front, west Taez, by Iran-backed Houthi militia. Fierce clashes between the two sides were raged for three days, where more than 15 Houthi militants were killed and many others were injured. Clashes erupted in Barkane and Al Qudah in Abdale. According to military resources, Houthi militias tried to take over a new supply line from Al-Araf area to Al-Tuwair area and then to the western countryside fronts in Maqbana, Al-Ashrouh and Al-Kadha. Houthi militias sent military reinforcements to Al Wazi’iyah District and Mawza District, as they tried to relocate in the western coast fronts. Houthi militias also attempted to regain control over strategic areas that were lost during Mqubnp Front confrontations.

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