Iraq: Iranian opposition: Executions are on the Rise as the Iranian Regime Tightens its Grip over Dissidents

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Sulaymaniyah-Iraq 06.11.2020

The opposition of the Iranian regime affirmed that the number of political activists subjected to the death penalty, without holding a trial, has reached an alarming level, which is a crystal-clear indicator of the grave human rights violations in Iran. Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan’s relations officer, Atta Nasser Saqzi indicated that during 2019, more than 800 dissidents were sentenced to death, whose bodies weren’t handed to their families, not to mention that the regime has erased all traces of their bodies. In terms of World Record for most executions per capita, Iran is on the lead, according to the Human Rights monitor. Moreover, the Iranian authorities secretly conduct executions, which indicates that the real number is way more than what it declares

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