Iraq: Grief-Stricken Families Weep and Wail Over their Missing and Kidnapped Members, Calling for Help

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Al-Fallujah- Al Anbar-Iraq 16/10/2020

Silence has become the norm and the only way those grief-stricken children express their agony over their missing father. During the liberation of areas under ISIS control in 2016, in Al-Fallujah, Saqlawia, and sajer in Al Anbar Governorate, many people went missing. A heartbroken mother, whose son was kidnapping, is weeping and wailing over her son, hoping someone would share her anguish and lend a hand in disclosing her son’s whereabouts. This agony is shared by hundreds of families that have no inkling about their sons and father’s fate. Families therefore are calling the government and concerned authorities to take an action and reveal their missing members’ whereabouts


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