Jordan – Islamic Action Front Officially Announces Its Participation in the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

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Amman – Jordan 21/09/2020

The Islamic Action Front (the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood) announced its participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections in early November, as part of what the party described; efforts to preserve the state’s constitutional institutions in light of the weakening process that is programmed to let suspicious projects pass targeting Jordan in its national identity. The secretary-general of the Party, Eng. Murad Al-Adayleh, pointed out during a press conference held today in Amman regarding the position on the parliamentary elections, until the decision to participate came after extensive dialogues and discussions in the corridors of the party. Al-Adaileh warned in a statement on behalf of the party against any manipulation with the electoral processes and any negative practices that could affect its integrity, stressing that the absence of the Islamic Action Front from the Parliament is a withdrawal from that battle that targets Jordan and its national forces, especially the Islamic Action Front.

The Islamic Action Front (the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood) has a long history of boycotting the elections. They boycotted the parliamentary elections in 1997 in protest against the one vote law. They also withdrew from the municipal elections in 2007 on the pretext of fraud to again boycott Parliamentary elections in 2010 and 2013.


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