Iraq: “Haj Zbala” Juice attract Iraqis during Ramadan

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 Baghdad- Iraq – 9/6/2016 

Raisins juice prepared “Haj Zbala” shop is one of the favorite juices for Iraqis Ramadan, because of its delicious taste and historical place attracting generations of customers over the decades.


The Iraqi meal during Ramadan month is not complete without fresh juices and most prominently the Raisins juice from “Haj Zbala” Shop in Baghdad.
The name is impressive and maybe repel some people, but the name came after the owners sick son “Zbala” because they believed that naming a sick person with a repelling name may save the soul from evil eye and spirits
Haj Mohamed the son of Haj Zbala consider their juice as unique and special due to the premium raisin and the way of making which led many kings and presidents to drink it.
Haj Zbala shop was founded in 1900 in Alrasheed street in Baghdad downtown.



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