Iraq- Analysts: Increased trade allows Iran to take advantage of the economic stability by moving the street politically

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Sulaimaniyah- Kurdistan – Iraq 10/08/2020

Analysts pointed out that the agreement to increase the volume of trade between Iraq and Iran to 20 billion dollars annually would be a real disaster for the economy of Iraq and it is in the interest of Iran, which is striving to obtain economic gains at the expense of Iraq, as Iran is the only one who exports all its products to Iraq unlike the latter who buys in hard currency, adding that the agreement must be made to exchange goods for goods and not money, in order to preserve the Iraqi economy and thus the rise of the Iraqi currency against the currency of Iran, analysts confirmed that there must be a balance in the economic agreement with Iran and economic agreements with other countries, so that Iran does not take advantage of the economic stability in Iraq and use it to move the street politically by controlling the security situation and threatening Iraq, especially when Iraq imports electricity and gasoline from Iran who cuts it off a province thus moving the street with political demonstrations against the government.

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