Jordan – Teachers protest to demand reopening of their union headquarters and release of their members

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Amman – Jordan 29/07/2020

Hundreds of teachers protested, on wednesday, near the Prime Minister’s headquarters in the Jordanian capital, Amman, to demand the reopening of the union headquarters, which were closed by virtue of a decision by the Public Prosecutor to stop the union’s members, its central authority, and branch bodies and departments, and suspended from work and the closure of its headquarters for a period of two years, and demanded the release of members of the Bar Council who were arrested on charges of financial abuse, incitement and violation of the Defense Law, In addition to the return of the government’s increase in their salaries at the beginning of this year, which was canceled according to the defense law issued in March of this year due to the new Corona virus outbreak, according to which the annual increase in the annual salaries of government sector employees was postponed until early next year 2021.


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