Iraq- Experts: Handing over Pasmaya base after a missile attack shows the government’s weakness in managing the security file

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Baghdad – Iraq 26/07/2020

The international coalition forces led by the United States handed over the Pasmaya military base south of Baghdad to Iraqi forces, Tahsin al-Khafaji, Pilot Brigade and Spokesman for Joint Operations, said that the camp dedicated to training the security forces was officially handed over to the Iraqi government, stressing that the base of Pasmaya and the savings and capabilities  will be used in building its capabilities of the future security forces, on the other hand experts pointed out, that the increased size of the collision between some armed factions and the international coalition forces, especially after the missile attack on Pasmaya base, indicating the weakness of the management of the security file by the Iraqi government and its inability to manage the political file, adding that there must be a process of mutual support and consensus between the political parties and the factions under which they are involved in the process of negotiating with the United States of America and ending its presence on Iraqi territory.

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