Iraq- Arab Tribes: Iranian militias are responsible for the entrance of ISIS forces

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Erbil – Kurdistan – Iraq  12/05/2020

The recent attacks by ISIS elements on the formerly stricken areas of Iraq and internal divisions in the popular mobilization factions have sparked considerable controversy in political circles, which has raised doubts that ISIS and the various factions are two sides of the same coin, where the Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Tribes, Sheikh Thaer al-Bayati, pointed out that the state of Iran militias after receiving the Iraqi border have introduced a lot of ISIS militants, and that these factions are empowered and dominant in these areas that are considered their source of livelihood, the Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Tribes added that these factions do not represent Iraq or the Iraqi people, but that their main objective is to export the Iranian revolution and destroy Syria, Iraq and Yemen with these false names, one of the sheikhs of the Dulaim tribes said that there are no sleeper cells for ISIS in Iraq, but there are those who benefit from ISIS, and that there are militias and factions of the popular mobilization operating according to the agendas of the Iranian Republic and figures in the ruling political class in Iraq, which work for the benefit of Iran, steals Iraq’s funds, and finance the militias.

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