Iraq- Coronavirus pandemic leads Iran’s regime to the brink of collapse

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Sulaimaniyah – Kurdistan Region – Iraq 17/04/2020

Ata Nasser Saqzi, a relations official on The Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, explained that Iran is now in a state of great weakness and confusion as a result of the economic and health collapse as a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the high number of infections and deaths even more than the officially announced number, Saqzi said that there are approximately 7.3 million Iranians unemployed, and one and a half million closed factories due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the Iranian government has not taken any action to help these unemployed and poor families which will lead to the collapse of the Iranian regime and an increase in the number of protests and strikes in the country, for his part, Khaled Naqshbandi, an international transparency activist, pointed out that iran is facing for the first time after the Gulf War a major disruption to the health system, forcing it to entrust the Basij, which manages the current health operation in Iran, as he explained that Washington is trying to clamp down on Iran and reduce its arms militarily and economically in the region, adding that the Iranians themselves are suffering from poor living and restrictions by the authorities, and an huge outbreak of addictions among citizens.

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