Iraq – A Mysterious Future for Al-Kazemi’s Government despite Political Consensus

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Baghdad – Iraq 15/04/2020

It seems that passing the ministerial cabinet of the Prime Minister-designate, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, will not be easy despite the fact that there is agreement on it by the various political blocs and forces, Where analysts pointed out that Iraq stands on the brink of a stifling economic crisis, with low oil prices and a halt in trade after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and that he desperately needs someone who has good political and diplomatic relations with the West, especially with the United States of America, and analysts have explained that Al-Kazemi, he has good diplomatic relations with the United States, and therefore whether the political forces agree to assign him to form the new government, or if they differ, they must go ahead and think of the nation’s interest first, adding that there are some factions that are still opposed to Al-Kazemi’s assumption of the position of prime minister, and if the political alignment and the national consensus remain on the mandate of Al-Kazemi, his government will pass easily, otherwise it will fail and its fate will be similar to the government of Allawi and Al-Zarfi.

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